Help - Looking for more editors

Hi everyone!

As you can see, there's still much work to be done especially in the Character spoilers and on the Ryugu Shelter page as well as in trems of text formatting (the first page still is somewhat unprofessional).

But since I'm very new with wikipedia, I'm not too experienced with working on the design and the like - thus, we need the help of editors, who'd like to support the improvement on this page. I'd really like to work together with you - and don't worry; I can bear harsh critic too as long as it is constructive and helps us to make this page perfect.

If you've got no wiki experience, don't fret - drawing from your vast 7 Seeds knowledge and sharing it with the other fans would still be more than enough! :-D 

You don't even have to register on the wikia for editing, although this makes it impossible to thank you personally. Registering is really easy, by the way - you only need a username and email address. If you don't want to give your real email, just make a new extra mail address, like I did.

Editing in this wiki is truly very easy; you only click on the "Edit" button above every page or on the section you want to work on, and then work in the Visual section. Source code is for the more experienced users, but it's not that much difficult either.

If you're finished, just click on "Preview" to watch how the new page will look like. Just go "back" if you want to improve something When you're satisfied, click on "Publish". Done already! :-D

If you've got any questions, please don't hesistate to ask me!

Thank you very much in advance for supporting the 7 Seeds wiki and helping to inform more people about the fascinating, amazing New World of Tamura-Sama!! :-D

Lg, Ysaye