7 Seeds Fanarticles

If you could decide which fanarticles are made for 7 Seeds, what would you like to have?

I'm dreaming of a DVD with all the 7 Seeds songs on it, including  a slideshow of beautiful nature pictures matching the song's content, and the option of including English/Japanese subtitles showing the lyrics simultaneously. Awww... I'd SO buy that right away!!!  *melt*

And of course, a 7 Seeds movie!

I could imagine 7 Seeds really well as a series of cinema movies either as a real filming with normal actors or an anime (both would be OK to me, and then of course the film made into DVD including at least English subtitles), each movie following the timeline of the manga and revolving around a certain arc.

The storyline of each movie should be closed in itself so that it will be a well-paced story which can be watched as separate, yet linked parts of a series. In the ending of every movie there should be a little cliffhanger making the cinemagoer looking forward towards the next part.
The openings of every movie could include a flash-in of every character introduced so far along with their names and former personalities and maybe a little flashback of the setting and storyline so far; also a theme song the same for every movie so that the 7 Seeds movies can become somewhat a recognizable brand name.

That song should have to do something with unity, growth and getting stronger together through any and all hardships, going ahead towards the future.

Maybe it could be done like this:
1st movie: Awakening To Heaven Or Hell?
The first adventures of Team Summer B and Team Spring, finishing with Natsu, Semimaru and Arashi setting off to Kanto for their former countries and Hana setting sail once more.
2nd movie: Despair
The adventures of Team Spring in Shinjuku and Team Winter's destruction, finishing with Aramaki's decision to move forward, Team Spring settling down and Hana's bad premonition about the dangerous animals.
3rd movie: Moving On
Arashi's, Semimaru's and Natsu's voyage throughout the destroyed towns, Arashi's devastation, their meeting up and separating with Aramaki, Arashi finding courage to live again thanks to Semimaru and Natsu, finishing with Aramaki's meeting Hana.
4th movie: A Reason To Live
Hana's illness, her voyage along with Haru and Aramaki, finishing with Hana's decision to find Arashi.
5th movie: Going Home
The growing up of Team Summer A and their cruel final test, finishing with them killing their guide and opening the door to the future.
6th movie: Strait is the Gate
Team Spring finding the Ryugu Shelter and Mark's sad story, ending with Team Summer A encountering the combined groups of Team Autumn, Spring and Winter after leaving the shelter while "Going Home" is running and Hana still thinks it's a rescue team.
7th movie: Cruel Summer
Team Spring, Autumn and Winter moving in with Summer A (due to their injuries from the bats) despite of the death of Izayoi, them finding out about Hana's parents and the following conflicts, finishing with Hana's (almost certain) death, Aramaki/Ayu setting out and Ango/Ryo seeing the kites attached to the ship of Team Summer B.
8th movie: The Final Test
Ango and Ryo meeting up with Team Summer B, many funny moments and their dangerous misadventures. Ending with Tamura-sama's terrifying cliffhanger...

9th movie: Lone Journey

Hana's re-awakening, her travels all alone, her slow way to realizing that she needs to trust into other people much more if she wants to survive in the New World.

It should be made into the lengtht of Cinema movies because I don't think the story can give a really good impact in those usually around 30-minute-long episodes, and a lot of time is needed to tell the story of each arc. At least around 180 minutes each movies, I'd say.
What do you think? I'd just SO love to write the script for 7 Seeds, if only I knew it could actually be filmed one day...

Or at least, to see the music DVD being published someday... well, we'll have to make the English manga a success first, then we maybe can talk with a publisher about further fan projects...

I know it's all very far-fetched, but you can still dream, right...? ;-))