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• 12/5/2012

Thanks to the editors

@ Hespia Klarerin:

Thank you so much for your help with inserting your 7 Seeds pictures (don't worry, just because I came across some good, already internet-prepared pictures and spontaneously uploaded them too, your pictures aren't lost: I moved them into the spoilers section and made them bigger, so that they can be displayed much better now.) and for inserting the page about the Special Classes as well as correcting my Fujiko mistake! I'm also looking forward to continue working together with you on this wiki!

@unknown Editor:

Thank you very much for inserting the extra page of Ryugu Shelter - I hadn't thought that far, to be honest. I added some picture and another extra page for spoilers, but because of my work, I don't have that much time to spare anymore to re-read the entire arc properly and insert all the background info. Maybe you'd like to insert that, too? Don't worry, editing is really easy - I wrote some hints to it in the forum thread "Help - Looking for more editors".

I really hope to find more avid 7 Seeds fans like you two who'd take the time to improve this wiki too! :-D

Lg, Ysaye

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Ysaye 1
• 12/11/2012

Yay! I got so much into it that I edited the entire characters section in one rush. :-D

Added all the character pics along with the spoilers pics and linked them all to their respective pages. Some are double, because I still don't have that many variations of pics. Please only delete the doubles if you have found appropriate replacement pics, put the originals also in their "main" or "spoiler" pages, and don't forget linking them to these pages. It's actually quite an useful control method to find out which pages still need good pics.

I also experimented in the fanart section with adding the artwork creators' name. Maybe other fanart creators would like to insert their own pics as well if their names will be mentioned. How about asking the participants of the contest some months ago if we can include their pics too? That would make a great addition to the gallery! ;-))

By the way, if I make English grammatical or spelling mistakes in my writing, be it in articles or in my talks with you, please don't hesistate to tell me - I always continuously try to improve my knowledge of using the English language! :-D

Lg, Ysaye

• 12/13/2012

Heh! Just for fun, I inserted pages for Assistant P and 7 Seeds Survival Knowledge. Read and enjoy! 

Also, there's a new template on the main page for New Pages, and I found the facebook link for a 7 Seeds fangroup, but since I'm not in Facebook, I don't quite know how to insert a Like button, even though I checked out this Help  site. :-(

Also, the gallery has been enlarged alot, and I hope I got the artists' names all right so far. Though I'm still not always quite sure which pics are just fanwork and which are originally from the fanbook...

@Panda-chan: Thanks for the edits on Kaname's page! I also added a new pic on his main page, hope my crappy photoshopping doesn't stand out too much XD

Lg, Ysaye

• 12/14/2012

You already got one there :x hesitate*

• 12/24/2012

@Thuhuong: Thank you for uploading those beautiful pictures! I added them to the fanart gallery right away, but I only could credit them with "by unknown artist" because you didn't say clearly whether those pictures are made by you or someone else.

If you happen to know about the artist, could you please go on the button "Add a picture" below the gallery and then insert the artists' name? You only gotta click on the "caption" below the respective pic.

@all: For future reference, if you want to add pics to the gallery yourself, just click on the "Add a picture" button below the respective gallery and then mark the pics you want, or upload them from your computer, if you haven't uploaded them to the wiki all in one go already.

Thank you for all your hard efforts on 7 Seeds Wiki, everyone!  I'm already looking forward to work together with all of you in the New Year as well!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2013 to every last one of you!

Lg, Ysaye

• 1/3/2013


I started the New Year with editing and adding to all the Team Summer B articles including their respective spoilers, updated the Photo Gallery, especially with loads of wonderful fanart and included the poems and comics of fans into the Fanwork section. Also, I  included the rest of the Fuji in the 7 Seeds article and changed the section "Notable pages" on the main site to improve its visual appearance and updated several pages in accordance.

I'm not quite sure if I got everything right, though... maybe you guys could double-check them for mistakes?

I also found out how to do spaces without having to resort to "_": you just insert
as many times as you need it. Check out the spoilers pages for reference!

Thank you very much in advance for your advice,


• 1/4/2013

Alrighty... I also edited and added content to all the teams' pages and their respective Teams Spoilers pages as well as Ryugu Shelter and Spoilers Ryugu Shelter. I'm especially satisfied with the very last one, since I found and inserted a gorgeous fanart with Miho and Takashi, meeting eyes for their very last time. Check it out! XD

Lg, Ysaye

• 1/7/2013

oh my god the fanart are gorgeous! <3 where you find them anyway?

• 1/8/2013

I picked out those I liked the most among the pics on these pages with big pic collections:








It's only a very small choice of my personally most well-liked pics in the Photo Gallery though. Feel free to check out these pages above and add your personal favourites (with the artist's names, of course)! :-D

Also, if you know of other fanfictions, fanworks or fanarts, please add them or at least their links to the page Fanwork as well! I already included the works from Pandaranda-chan's fanwork competition half a year ago there.

By the way, as I said, I worked over all the spoilers pages of the Team Summer B members and currently do the same with the Team Summer A members. Have fun checking them out!

Oh, and before I forget it: I made some new pages: 7 Seeds Survival Knowledge, Assistant P, Spoilers Assistant PSaucer Eyes Club and Training camp. (just in case you didn't see them yet).

I'm not quite sure though if I got everything right with the pages I mentioned above and the Spoilers Ryugu Shelter page, could you please double-read them?

Thank you very much in advance,


• 1/9/2013

Alrighty! All the character pages of Team Summer A and their respective spoilers pages have been worked over now both optically as well as updated with new content. This was kinda fun ;-))

Lg, Ysaye

• 5/28/2013

To the mysterious editor who added content to the spoiler pages of Matsuri, Chisa, Akio, Kurumi, Ryuusei and Sakuya: thank you so very much for your hard work! I'm really happy whenever other fans participate in improving this wiki; it makes this work feel worthwhile. ^,^

Lg, Ysaye

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