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Ysaye 1
• 1/3/2014

Ango's spoiler (Ango/Hana)

I don't think Ango didn't help Hana cause he wanted to cover his crime (He later told Ryo he didn't want either Hana or Haru dead), I think he was confused (he thought he was being tested in the cave), and he thought "bad-meany-Hana" wanted to hurt poor-innocent-Ryo (Ango is really messed up XD)

Ango isn't the guy who covers up, he isn't Ryo!

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Ysaye 1
• 1/5/2014

I think so too. Later on, Ango also regretted not saving Hana. I am really curious to what he'll do if Hana survives and they meet each other again.

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