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7 Seeds Survival Knowledge[]

Here you can find the main important rules for survival displayed in 7 Seeds as well as various tools and knowledge which will help you survive, should you by any chance suddenly wake up in an unknown world void of any and all human life...

Of course you're most welcome to add your own knowledge, too!

How to build a water filter[]

  • Find a hollow container with a hole above and one below (or an improvised water cock).
  • Put pebbles, charcoal, sand and gravel as well as some cloth inside just like Ango described it on this picture.
  • Fill in water from above and let it run through the various layers.
  • Catch the water trickling out at the bottom in a clean pot or something the like.
  • Boil the water before drinking it to kill bacteria.

Ango's little survival class

How to make Semimaru's special cream stew[]

  • Just mix up Carol's milk, wheat flour and hope for the best.

Semimaru's first cooking experiment

How to do the Whip-off-the-table-cloth-trick[]

  • A most important survival skill...?
  • Take the tablecloth firmly into your hands, focus and stay calm.
  • Pull it away quickly without scattering the tableware on the cloth.
  • Don't worry - with some exercise and effort you'll be able to do it too! Keep on fighting, Natsu!

Chimaki, the pro.

Teacher and student.

How to ...[]