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Autumn Begins (立秋, Risshū) is the fourth episode in the 7 Seeds anime. It aired on June 28, 2019 on Netflix.

Arashi, Natsu and Semimaru stumble upon the Team Autumn settlement in the former Kobe region. They seem to be thriving, but their leaders are tyrants.

Plot Details[]

Arashi, Natsu and Semimaru realize that they have stumbled upon the Fall Team settlement which is above one of the sealed caches in the former Kobe region. The team have already been there for three years, but they are dominated by Akiwo Haza and Ran Shishigaki who ruthlessly allocate tasks to other members of the team and dominate the guide Ryoya Izayoi.

When Semimaru tries to steal some food, the three travelers are tied up. Akiwo and Ran have banned sex in the team to avoid fulfilling the role for which they were selected. Ryoya, frees the three captives, but plans to poison them and everyone else because he feels that the 7 Seeds project has failed, but Semimaru stops him.

They leave, but later, Ryoya helps them launch their inflatable boat to continue their journey towards Eastern Japan. They find another entrance to a sealed cache which is at either Mt. Ogino Fuji or Mt. Kyogatake, but is it is flooded and of little use. Meanwhile, Hana and Haru of the Spring Team paddle their inflatable through the partially submerged ruins of Yokohama. They camp the night in an abandoned church, and return to the team the next day. As Arashi's group settle for the night, they are watched by a bearded man.