Character Animals in 7 SeedsEdit

Which animals do you think of when you watch the characters in 7 Seeds?

This page was created for the purpose of concerning yourselves with the characters of the 7 Seeds cast more closely. If you'd like to participate, choose the characters you want to deal with intensely, think about how Tamura-sama set up this character and his/her background. Then, try to connect those characteristics to the attributes of the animal you think matches this person most, and point out your reasons for choosing this animal.

If you feel inspired to, you can also add links to matching animal pictures and maybe even create fanart with the characters and their animals which could be posted into the Fanart section of the Photo Gallery.

Feel free to add the animals which you think match their respective characters well, but please don't delete previous list entries; everyone has a right to name their favourite choices!

Watch out: Those pages may contain spoilers. Don't like, don't read!


Ant and Grasshopper: Ryou and Semimaru