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Chimaki Yamori []

守宮 ちまき / Yamori Chimaki


"I can draw my paintings anywhere."

- Yamori Chimaki -

An art college student, aged 19. Chimaki loves painting and sculpting and has a habit of carving and drawing murals on rock walls. He used to live with his grandmother near Kumamoto Castle prior to being frozen.

His team mates never stop being amazed at Chimaki's calmness and composure even in the most disastrous situations. It is somewhat unnerving, but also calming at the same time.

Chimaki usually silently watches everything and rarely gives his own thoughts away. It is always hard to guess what goes through his mind, but whenever he speaks, it is ever worth listening...

Chimaki means zongzi and yamori means gecko.

Voiced by MIKI.

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