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(A collection of poems focusing on the subtle lives of Team Summer B before the apocalypse)
(a collection of poems about the four seasons, told by various narrators)

Fan MangaEdit

(Arashi, Semimaru and Natsu are playing house because of boredom... with quite unexpected results!)
(showing all the teams connected by playing baseball)


"What if 7 Seeds is made into an ANIME?"
The sad story of Team Summer A
A songfic of Team Summer B surviving into the unknown
Who is the "Little Bird"? Is it Ango, who guides the scared and inexperienced Natsu?
Or is it Natsu who finally provides a "safe haven" for the traumatized and lost Ango?
A whirlwind of emotions in the New World.
  • "Numb" by WhirlingDervish100 (Song by Marina and the Diamonds. Lyrics here)
The cruel childhood of Team Summer A.
Hope... lost and found.


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