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(A collection of poems focusing on the subtle lives of Team Summer B before the apocalypse)
(a collection of poems about the four seasons, told by various narrators)

Fan Manga[]

(Arashi, Semimaru and Natsu are playing house because of boredom... with quite unexpected results!)
(showing all the teams connected by playing baseball)


"What if 7 Seeds is made into an ANIME?"
The sad story of Team Summer A
A songfic of Team Summer B surviving into the unknown
Who is the "Little Bird"? Is it Ango, who guides the scared and inexperienced Natsu?
Or is it Natsu who finally provides a "safe haven" for the traumatized and lost Ango?
A whirlwind of emotions in the New World.
  • "Numb" by WhirlingDervish100 (Song by Marina and the Diamonds. Lyrics here)
The cruel childhood of Team Summer A.
Hope... lost and found.


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