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Ibaraki Mark[]


"We lived with all our might,

until the very last moment of the very end."

- Ibaraki Mark -

The male main character of the "Ash" chapter. He is a comedian and performs together with his ventriloquist's dummy, a human-shaped doll named Pete.

The doll is Mark's last remnant of his dead elder brother and helped him to get over his loneliness as a child after the real Pete died. Together, they're performing as the Pete Brothers.

A few weeks before the meteorite hit, he was scouted by Takeshi and invited as a performer to Ryugu Shelter, a place that should protect a few thousands of people from the meteorite impact and give them a new home underground. There, he also met the famous singer Miki Maria and fell for her.

During the course of the tragic events which start taking place in Ryugu Shelter one after another, he proves worthy of his promise to Takashi: "I'll continue ... until the very last moment of the very end."

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