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Insects Awaken (啓蟄, Keichitsu) is the second episode in the 7 Seeds anime. It aired on June 28, 2019 on Netflix.

Convinced that Botan has kidnapped them, Natsu and Arashi sneak out of camp and run into another survivor. Finally, Botan reveals what she knows.

Plot Summary[]

Arashi gets sick after eating some fungus collected by Natsu. While he's recovering, the teams search for edible food as opposed to fungi. Natsu and Arashi are captured by carnivorous plans and attacked by giant rodents. They are save by the arrival of Kaname Mozunoto who is separated from his group.

Kaname explains to everyone on the island is a part of a government survival project: the "7 Seeds Project". Arashi refuses to believe it, claiming the only important thing to him is getting back to his girlfriend Hana.

Elsewhere, Yanagi and his group encounter giant insects. They flee into a tunnel but its a trap, as Yanagi has been infected with insect larvae. Setting himself on fire to save the others, Yanagi tells his group to find the seven Fujis. The remaining members return to the shore and build another raft, preparing to sail to the closest Fuji, Mt. Ogino Fuji.