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Mozunoto (百舌戸 要)[]


"I've made it a principle of mine

to never be in the way

of someone who goes all out."

- Kaname Mozumoto -

A stoic and serious person of uncertain age, usually referred to us just Mozu by his team members. He is very skilled at martial arts, survival and playing instruments.

Kaname also stands out for having a name element, mozu (百舌 meaning butcher bird), that is a kigo of autumn instead of summer.

Kaname is one of the series' most notable well-intentioned extremists who oversaw the mass culling and maltreatment of children during the Team Summer A selection process for the sake of saving humanity in the interests of Japan. 

Kaname and Ango are depicted as being mutually fond of each other.

Voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue.

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