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Aramaki gives Kuroda to Ayu (Chapter 109)

Kuroda is a black wolf puppy who Belongs to Ayu from Team Summer A. The puppy originally belonged to Takahiro Aramaki but he gave her the wolf pup after they were discussing that the puppy was being bullied and did not suit to be in the pack with Aramakis wolfs. Aramaki then proceeds to tell Ayu that she should raise the puppy and she agrees.

Another reason Aramaki gives Kuroda to Ayu is due to the fact that Ayu has a trauma dealing with the full moon. Aramaki says to Ayu that Kuroda can keep her warm during the cold nights meaning that Kuroda can keep her safe from the full moon.

Kuroda is a hyper puppy who likes to lick people such as when the puppy first meets Ayu it proceeds to lick her face only to be warned by Aramaki that the puppy is a real licker but she can train the puppy to be more behaved