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Light Show (小雪, Koyuki)is the third episode in the 7 Seeds anime. It aired on June 28, 2019 on Netflix.

Natsu's clumsiness indirectly leads Team Summer B to the rest of their group. Her memories help them figure out their location, and their next moves.

Plot Summary[]

Botan and company happen upon three newcomers struggling against a crocodile in a pond. Without hesitation, Botan jumps in the wicked waters to save them. Afterward, She explains that they are all that remains of Team Summer B.

Natsu notices the island in the lake and asks her team to build a raft. They leave to find the outer shore to search for food. They find Nagasaki's statue underwater and Botan heads for the nearest Fuji, Mt. Bungo Fuji, also known as Mt. Yufu.

Natsu comes across the entrances to one of the secret caches containing necessary survival materials

Chimaki makes it known that he wants to visit his hometown. Natsu and Kumamoto join him, but they find out the whole town is underwater. Arashi decides to travel to his home in Tokyo to find his girlfriend Hana. Natsu and Semimaru tag along and they encounter new humans along the way.

Meanwhile, the Spring Team discovers they're in the ruins of Yokohama.