Matsuri TendouEdit

天道 まつり / Tendō Matsuri


"This isn't the time to fight!

Hurry and save them!"

- Matsuri to the boys -

A farmer's daughter, aged 16. For unknown reasons, she already had been running away from home prior to being cryonically frozen.

Because of that, in the beginning she doesn't care about involuntarily being thrown into the New World - until she realizes that her home really doesn't even exist anymore.

Both Semimaru and Matsuri have a very vibrant personality when compared to the rest of the Team Summer B. The young woman is very cheerful and open to everyone around her and can fit in right away with people.

Acting like the typical shallow young maiden, she is very flexible and can easily read situations. This seems to have also earned her a few painful experiences, though - but it just made her stronger.

Being a romantic person, Matsuri always dreams of finding her true love someday - will she finally find her prince in the New World...?

Matsuri means festival and tendō means heavenly path, a poeticism for the sun.

Voiced by Ikumi Matsuno.

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