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This page is a collection of recommendations on books, manga, movies, music and other media similar to the main topics of 7 Seeds.

It was was created to give an opportunity to the 7 Seeds fans to recommend their favourite works apart from Tamura-sama's manga to other 7 Seeds fans. Whenever adding something new, please don't forget to name its creator and to explain why you think this specific work matches a specific character, certain manga situation or the entire manga as a whole.

Manga Edit

  • "Kyokou Shinwa" (Sekando Reipu) by Minami Kanan is a very interesting one-shot manga that deals with the matter of rape, the suffering of victims and many "myths" that still circle in society about rape and make the victims still suffer even after the rape incident itself is over; the so-called "Second Rape". Since one of the Seeds' main female characters several times has to suffer attacks of males against her body, the topic of "Rape" and the feelings of both the victim and the perpetrator are also a serious topic of the 7 Seeds universe.

  • For the same reason, reading "Bitter Virgin" by Kei Kusunoki is strongly recommended too. It's also a very serious manga series dealing with the trauma and suffering of a girl abused by her stepfather which got pregnant from her assailant.

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  • "The Show Must Go On" by Queen: This one song suits both Team Summer A and the members of Ryugu Shelter perfectly.  It was the very last song the dying lead singer Freddie Mercury   performed. Very courageous, he dared to show openly his - back then still strongly shunned - homosexuality and walked his own path in life full of pride, to the very last end.

  • And for the entire 7 Seeds project, which contains many trials and the need to go on with courage, the Seeders' strong determination to make it to the top of a new future, another Queen song would be perfect to describe that mindset: "We are the champions".

  • "Another One Bites the Dust": This Queen song best symbolizes the anguish and fury of Team Summer A, when their friends were culled one by one, and they finally took revenge on one of their teachers and stepped over his dead body, facing towards the future.

  • "Survival" by Muse might as well become the title song, should 7 Seeds someday be made into a movie.

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