I had always thought that the cruel bullies were the ones with the horrible personalities.
But I'm no different than they are.

—Iwashimizu Natsu

Natsu Iwashimizu (岩清水 ナツ Iwashimizu Natsu) is the main protagonist of Team Summer B's arc in the 7SEEDS series.

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Relatively short in stature. Small figure, Short, straight black hair that eventually grows. Natsu has light brown eyes. She has been noted for her attractive but childish features by several members of her team. Has the appearance of a 14 years old.

Personality & Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Natsu is a painfully shy, awkward and withdrawn 16-year-old girl. She has difficulty expressing herself and was always bullied in school. Some scenes depict her as being something akin to a hikikomori , locking herself in her room and feeling bitterness towards those who enjoyed their youth and the society of others.

Although she originally struggles to adapt to the New World, she eventually becomes an asset to the group through her observational and note-taking skills. She diligently names and notes down which foods are edible or useful as her team discovers them.

Over the course of the series, her self-esteem starts to raise and she learns how to better interact with those around her. Semimaru and another certain person, both in their own ways, eventually become mentors to Natsu, teaching her how to overcome her weaknesses and be of more use to those around her.

Shy, timid and awkward when interacting with others. Tends not to speak her mind much, but overthinks things all the time. Originally was incapable of thinking for herself and taking action, something which was scorned by Botan early on. Often takes the path of least resistance, and what she feels others would want her to do. Has been shown to act kind and considerate around Arashi in order to gain his approval (though this has been called out several times by Semimaru). The manga has depicted her as being inwardly selfish or thinking ill of others several times, however this is also often noticed by Semimaru.

Her personality gradually changes for the better as the manga progresses, with character development being a running theme throughout the series. She is very determined to improve (something noted by Hotaru), and eventually becomes more responsible and learns to think for herself and act accordingly. Arashi points out that Natsu is a tenacious person who doesn't just sit down and cry. He also notes that she is a very careful person who will not do anything without thinking it through thoroughly first.

She also learns to be more conscientious, and her timid yet hard-working personality is ackwnowledged by Ango, who originally sees her as a replacement for his dead friend, Shigeru, but eventually accepts her as a person in her own right.

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  • Natsu means summer and Iwashimizu means water trickling from rocks.

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