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Inhabitants of Ryugu Shelter[]

Ryugu Shelter was one of the government's protection measures against the impeding meteor shower. The shelter was built underground to protect the inhabitants from the meteor impact, and was equipped to be fully self-sustainable in terms of power, food, water and other resources.

Thousands of people were specifically selected and placed in this shelter under ther rouse of it being a new underground amusement park. They later learnt the truth after the meteor shower and were forced to start anew, not knowing the cruel fate that awaited them.

The Ryugu Shelter story takes place during the Ash Chapter arc. (see Manga).

Ryugu Shelter's entrance area

Candidates for Team Summer A[]

Secluded in an unknown mountain range in Japan, approximately a hundred children were raised to be survival experts in order to prepare them for becoming a member of Team Summer A. Every child was conceived by artificial insemination using germ cells that were thoroughly screened for genetic superiority.

The Summer A Institute cafeteria.

They underwent strict training every day lead up to their 17th birthday, when those left would have to undertake a gruelling final selection test.

The Summer A story takes place during the Hail of Corn Chapter arc. (see Manga).

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