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About Ryugu Shelter[]

Ryugu Shelter's entrance area

Ryugu Shelter was part of the government's protection measures for the time of the meteorite impact.

The shelter was built underground to protect the inhabitants from the meteorite impact.

Thousands of people found shelter in there and try to start anew, not knowing which cruel fate was awaiting them...

Layout of Ryugu Shelter[]

The entire shelter

Ryugu Shelter consisted of a central hall and four main sections named after the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each section had special purposes as pointed out in the layout picture.

Daily Life in Ryugu Shelter[]

Main Hall of Ryugu Shelter, with big screen and performance stage

The inhabitants were supposed to live normal lives, as if the shelter were a town of its own. All of them had certain duties, but also were encouraged to exercise their former occupations, e.g. working as farmers, tailors, cooks and the like.

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