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Ibaraki MarkEdit

The Atlantic Puffin is also known as "the clown of the ocean" due to the bird's curious appearance with its large colourful bill and its striking piebald plumage. Just like Mark, it's able to quickly adapt to living habitats very different from each other: while the bird breeds on grassy cliffs, rocks and scree, it mainly lives on the sea and hunts for food there.
I just cannot see Mark as an animal which can be tamed like a macaw; he's an independent person who always thinks freely and acts accordingly to what he thinks is right. Human influence and the introduction of external species of animals like rats to their natural living habitats are putting a severe stress on the Atlantic Puffin, though...
Mark x Maria: Flirting
Mark x Maria: Blooming Love
A Bit Gloomy: Little Mark
Bravely Facing The Greatest Adversities
For Those I Wish To Protect
Ryugu Shelter Group: Let's Have Fun Together Until The Very Last Moment Of The Very End!
Remembering A Peaceful World...
The End

Miki MariaEdit

This highly intelligent, elegant bird has black feathers, stylish yellow stripes around its head and a beautiful red-yellow beak. Because of its famous talking abilities (it can even sing whole songs) it has been under much pressure from trapping for the illegal pet trade, and from habitat destruction, since most indigenous forest has been destroyed. It has become a bird on the verge of destruction, just like the beautiful songbird Maria who was sort of the last of her kind.
Mark x Maria
Just which thoughts are you hiding behind those deep black eyes...?
The Last Song...

Kagami NorikazuEdit

Because the flashy, lively hoopoe's head feathers remind me so much of Kagami's rastafari hairstyle. His personality somewhat matches the hoopoe, too.
Kagami All Hyped Up!!!
Please Hold Onto Your Beloved Ones Now...
Feel The Rhythm, Baby!!
Fighting A Cruel Fate...
Where Is Freedom To Be Found?
Eternal Freedom: Death

Oda MichitsunaEdit

The Sunbittern is actually an unimpressive brown-gray bird, but whenever it flaunts its beautifully patterned wings, it can appear as a truly beautiful, amazing creature. This reminds a lot of Oda's personal appearance. He was acting as the leader of Ryugu Shelter when he actually was nothing more than a puppet to hide the true governors of the shelter. Despite that, he always gave it his very best to truly live his role, until the very last moment of the very end.
Grandiose: The Director's Acting
Like A Little Sun In A Dark Place
Though, actually...
Helpless: Little Oda
Taking Care Of Those Entrusted To Me
Sacrifices Must Be Made For Survival...?
Giving It My All, Until The Very Last Moment Of The Very End
To Next World

Saruwatari SadaoEdit

Sadao's peaceful, gentle nature (and his bald head) certainly match the elephant's. Despite its impressive appearance, the Asian elephant is an endangered creature, pre-eminently threatened by habitat loss, poaching, degradation and fragmentation. Just like Sadao, the last remaining ones could very well be those who see the end of their kind... but they're all giving it their very best to live until the very last moment of the very end.
Cute: Little Sadao
Silently Carrying Everyone's Burden On My Back
If I'd Ever Found A Girlfriend...
Gentle Dreams: Family Life
Protecting What's Left Of My Dreams
Ryugu Shelter Clique: Let's Have Fun Until The Very Last Moment Of The Very End!!
Party Time!!!
The Last Guardians Of Ryugu Shelter
Sad Goodbye Between Friends: Mark and Sadao
All Dreams Have To End Eventually...
Cruel Death

Hino TakeruEdit

Strong, kind and friendly family animals, but fierce when their beloved ones are attacked. The gorilla's warm and fuzzy family life reminds me very much of Hino's big love for children and how he even died surrounded by them. Hino's physical strength is also not to be underestimated, even though he never got an opportunity to use it for the good of his community outside of "playing baseball". But in spite of their great physical strength, gorillas still are endangered animals...
Taking Care Of My Kids
Family Life
Little Hino: Small But Determined
Tiny Hino: A Cheeky Bundle Of Curiosity
Rastafari Brat
Going For The Strike!
Baseball Lessons...?
Conquering the Enemy's Base
Surrounded By My Small Admirers
Lovely, but sometimes... a little bit too loud!
Enjoying The Last Peaceful Times
A Man's Gotta Rest Sometimes
Watching Over My Family
The Last Smile
Last Sleep

Sakata TokidokiEdit

The Indian pangolin is covered in scales for its protection and has a very solitary, secretive and nocturnal nature. It reminds me greatly of Sakata, who also almost never comes out of his shell. The Indian pangolin too is suspected to be in significant decline due to hunting for traditional medicine and food.
Best Protection
Little Sakata: Have A Drink
Little Sakata: Exploring A Scary Big World
Too Scary: I'd Rather Curl Up In My Shell!
If I'd Ever Had Children...
Tragic End: The Search For "Q"

Sugurono TakashiEdit

The Eurasian Eagle Owl is one of the largest and most powerful species of owls. Its big, reddish-yellow eyes always show a very sharp glare and never let the prey out of their sight. It's mostly nocturnal, but can also act during the day. This owl usually hunts smaller mammals, but sometimes even goes for hedgehogs, foxes, marmots and young deer. Even other predatory birds and snakes are on the Eurasian Eagle Owl's menu.
The way it approaches the prey in the darkness and kills it using its strong talons without even making a sound until the very last moment before the attack, reminds me very much of Takashi's silent, fast killing style. This man cannot be described as anything else but a very strong, fierce and deadly predator who will always catch his prey without fail.
Some owls even have a moustache-like feather pattern around their beaks...
Strict Efficiency
Little Takashi: Awww!!!
Jeez, Ryou...
Impressive: Takashi's Knives
You're Safe Nowhere
Caught Red-Handed
Fearsome Hunter: Large Prey!
Waiting For The Right Moment
The Prey Always In My Sight...
Going In For The Kill
Afraid Of Nothing
Takashi x Miho
Oops! Sorry, Miho Darling...
Working Hard To Feed My Family!
Even Mass Murderers Do Love Their Families...

Sugurono MihoEdit

Miho is no predator for sure, but also no 'tame', only domestic being. She has such a strong mind and willpower combined with a deep dedication for her family that she certainly must be a herd animal; the kind of herd led by a strong female. Few know that wild horses indeed do have a stallion as the main protector of the herd against predators, but the herds in truth are led by a dominant mare with lots of experience.
Combining those facts with her tragic death, the Tarpan, an extinct type of wild horse matches the character of Miho the best. More about Tarpans can be found here.
The Last Family Photo
Smooching Parents Can Be SO Embarassing...
Miho and Hana
Little Hana x Arashi
Strong Freedom
Live Life!
Leading My Herd Through All Hardships

Assistant PEdit

The black-white feathered Adélie Penguins resemble Assistant P's appearance a lot. Moreover, they are very social and curious animals who have no fear exploring new things. The adventurer Robert Falcon Scott once complained:
“The great trouble with [the dog teams] has been due to the fatuous conduct of the penguins. Groups of these have been constantly leaping on to our [ice] floe. From the moment of landing on their feet their whole attitude expressed devouring curiosity and a pig-headed disregard for their own safety. They waddle forward, poking their heads to and fro in their usually absurd way, in spite of a string of howling dogs straining to get at them. “Hulloa!” they seem to say, “here’s a game – what do all you ridiculous things want?” And they come a few steps nearer. The dogs make a rush as far as their harness or leashes allow. The penguins are not daunted in the least, but their ruffs go up and they squawk with semblance of anger.” (Source: Wikipedia page above)
Kinda reminds you of a certain cheeky penguin's attitude, doesn't it?
Let's Check Out New World Together
Ain't This Onsen A Bit Too Cold...?
Lemme Check It Out: Everything Alright In Ryugu?
Got A Problem With Me, Pete???
Happy Feet

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