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The only stew you made... I wanted to cook it, but I don't know how. Even though I ate it so often, I don't know how.

—Semimaru Asai at his mother's grave

Semimaru Asai (麻井 蝉丸 Asai Semimaru) is a deuteragonist of Team Summer B's arc in the 7SEEDS series.  


Semimaru's full body

Semimaru is a tall yet non-muscular young man with long unruffled dirty orange hair that covers the left side of his face and sea green eyes.

He always dresses up a bit punk-like.

Personality & Characteristics[]

Semimaru is a young punk with a rebellious personality, aged 18. He enjoys picking on Natsu but actually cares about her and tries to cheer her up when she feels upset. Semimaru is especially gifted when it comes to putting a smile on the face of his companions. It is his enthusiasm for enjoying the fun things in life that bring cheer to his team, especially to his best friends, Arashi and Natsu.

As a child, Semimaru used to be spoiled. Later on, something happened and he turned into a fragile boy made of glass who used to be bullied. At another crossroads in his life, he turned aggressive towards anyone else. But ever since he entered the New World, he gradually started getting along better with his teammates and even began to trust them with his own life.

Semimaru is an extremely multifaceted character, often surprising the readers with his keen wit and intuition despite his rowdy, foolish exterior. He originally appeared to be a superficial foul-mouthed punk, but as the story progressed, the deeper sides of his character gradually became fleshed out

One would consider him stupid from an academic point of view, and he is often seen acting the fool, but when it comes to understanding people, Semimaru is uncannily sharp. Semimaru tends to be quite accurate when it comes to judging people, however, at times, his judgment can be way off base; for example when he believed Aramaki to be an extremely dangerous cannibalistic man who fed people to his dogs.

Semimaru tends to be overly verbose and often spouts nonsense, but at times the words of wisdom he imparts astound both the readers and his companions. Even Ryou, a person not known to take advice from others, recognizes this and in one instance prompted Semimaru to speak his mind when Ryo had trouble deciding how to deal with Ango.

An unfortunate side of Semimaru's simplistic personality is his lack of care, often plunging head-first into any dangerous situation without thinking about the consequences.



  • The name Semimaru means "cicada, locust" (蝉) (semi) and "round, circle, pills, purity" (丸) (maru).
  • Semimaru's surname Asai means "hemp, flax" (麻) (asa) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).