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More about Fujiko[]


Fujiko, supporting the Red Cross abroad

Fujiko is a tall young woman with smooth black, shoulder-length hair and fine features.

Background and family[]

Her parents both were doctors.


Fujiko is strong-minded and very courageous, which makes her get along with Hana greatly. She's very dedicated to studying everything about medicine and works hard to protect those around her.

She has just one weird flaw: Fujiko can handle cutting into humans just fine, but always chickens out whenever she has to hurt an animal.

Special Characteristics[]

(hobbies, strengths and weaknesses, special skills…)

Fujiko is deeply devoted to studying and applying medics. She once even went abroad to volunteer with the Red Cross. There, she also fell in love with a doctor who could arrange innards in a bowl ever so neatly ...


(before being frozen)

Apart from Fujiko working with the Red Cross and studying medicine, little is known about her life in the Old World.

Development throughout the story []

(starting with the first appearance in the New World)

Fujiko's first appearance is in Chapter 6 ("Hana") of the series, Early Spring arc, when she helps Hana collect food on the Insects Island. After leaving the island together with her friends, and going through an adventurous journey, Fujiko and Team Spring settled down near a Fuji. The young medicine student stayed there with the rest of her team even after Hana left, until a landslide destroyed their camp. Fortunately Fujiko had been in the mountains together with Chisa, so the two of them were safe.

Separated from all their friends, the two of them travelled around until they settled down in a forest. Because they were afraid of trying out new kinds of food, they were forced to starve a lot until they reunited with Hana. The three of them also developed a worrying rash whose cause is still unknown.

Further information[]

Fujiko always goes after the lookers: for example, she imagined Ban as a hottie ever since Hana told her about the young doctor. Maybe she'll be the one who finally reveals the biggest secret of 7 Seeds: how Ban looks like under this long curly hair of his...

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