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More about Mayu[]


Mayu is a middle-sized, beautiful young woman with medium-length smooth black hair.

Background and family[]

Mayu as a child.

Like all the other Team Summer A  candidates, Mayu has no family. She was created from carefully selected sperm and egg cells and raised in a secret facility  on an unknown island in order to be reared into a survival specialist.


Mayu has a almost motherly, very friendly nature and greatly cares for her friends. She always takes in her surroundings carefully and never loses her calm.

Special Characteristics[]

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Mayu learned a vast range of survival skills during her training in the secret facility. When it was her time to choose her Specialist Class, one of the two classes Mayu chose was the Soil Class.


(before the start of the series)

Mayu grew up together with her friends in the secret facility. She got so close to Nobara and Koruri that they were planning to go to the future together as well. In order to show their determination, the three of them made matching friendship bracelets in varying colors. Mayu's color was yellow.

Sadly, Nobara had to leave the camp due to her worsening eyesight. Together with Koruri, Mayu continued striving for the place among the chosen seven and when the final test started, the two of them went into the mountain with a small group of candidates, including Ukai and Hyo.

They made the mistake of following the trap signs their teachers had set up and ended up in a collapsing cave. Koruri escaped unscathed and came out of the cave on a island in the middle of a river, Ukai got out as well but was severely injured by a bear and the rest of the group were entombed. Mayu and Hyo's lower bodies were crushed by falling stones, but they lived on long enough to encourage Koruri and guide her to safety with a shining pocket lamp.

During their slow dying process, Mayu and Hyo confessed to each other and talked about their hopes for Koruri's future. Shortly before Koruri arrived at their place, Mayu died. Hyo passed on her last words to Koruri before he left the world as well.

Further information[]

Mayu was a member of the mysterious Saucer Eyes Club.

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