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Mitsuru in the past, at a performance

More about Mitsuru Kagurazaka[]


Mitsuru is a tall and incredibly beautiful young woman with long smooth black hair.

Background and family[]

Unknown, but her mother really seems to dote on Mitsuru's dancing but is a bit impractical seeing as she stuffed a beautiful, but heavy dancing kimono into Mitsuru's bag instead of some useful survival items.


Mitsuru is a bit vain, but she is a strong-willed girl who deeply cares for her friends. She's also a very big baseball fan.

Special Characteristics[]

(hobbies, strengths and weaknesses, special skills…)

Mitsuru's strength lies with her graceful dancing. But it was only after she learned a painful lesson in the New World, that she truly got to the peak of her art...


(before being frozen)

Mitsuru was a great dancer, but she got stuck with the role of the crane who fell in love with a human. Since the human broke his promise, the crane had to leave him. Mitsuru tried to, but she couldn't quite grasp the crane's sorrow.

Development throughout the story []

(starting with the first appearance in the New World)

Mitsuru's first appearance was in the Winter arc, Chapter 16 of the series, "Howling". She woke up next to three dried-up corpses and was told by Sayuru Kumakawa that she'd been frozen and sent many years into the future. Trying to get used to the New World and to her fellow comrades, she soon fell in love with Fubuki Samejima. Althogh he also loved her, Takahiro Aramaki helped the two of them to become a twosome.

Their group of five seemed to be cursed, though. A saber-toothed tiger killed off Kumakawa and mutilated Mutsuki Karezono so terribly that he chose suicide. The three left over members continued travelling together, but were attacked by the saber-toothed tiger again. Fubuki died protecting the two of them, and Mitsuru froze to death after giving Aramaki her clothing, because she was unable to cope with Fubuki's death.

Her very last dance in the stage kimono, however, was the most beautiful one she ever danced, because she finally understood the feelings of her role, the sorrow of the crane.

Further information[]

Mitsuru at first kept it a secret that she knew and admired Aramaki and Fubuki. Why, however, is still unknown.

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