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Nobara's bad habit: biting her fingernails

Nobara is a middle-sized, slightly chubby girl with long, curly hair and freckles. Her fingernails are usually in a very bad state since she has the bad habit of biting them.

Background and family[]

Like all the other Team Summer A  candidates, Nobara has no family. She was created from carefully selected sperm and egg cells and raised in a secret facility  on an unknown island in order to be reared into a survival specialist.


Nobara's tic is biting her fingernails whenever she's troubled by something. She is a very good and loyal friend, and very close to Mayu and Koruri.

Special Characteristics[]

(hobbies, strengths and weaknesses, special skills…)

Unknown. But Nobara learned a vast range of survival skills during her training in the secret facility.


(before the start of the series)

Nobara grew up together with her friends in the secret facility. She got so close to Mayu and Koruri that they were planning to go to the future together as well. In order to show their determination, the three of them made matching friendship bracelets in varying colors. Nobara's color was red.

Although she gave it her very best to keep up with her friends, during a shooting training one of the teachers discovered that her eyesight was getting worse. Nobara had to drop out and left the camp together with Kaname under tears, promising her friends that she'd keep in contact with them via mail.

But Unami knocked the girl unconscious and put her into a mincer, probably the smaller test version for the giant human mincer in Ryugu Shelter. Nobara was sliced into small pieces and died. Her body parts were put into the "Red Chamber" to decompose together with animals' bones, blood and the like in order to become fertiliser.

Because Ango attacked Unami, he was put into the Red Chamber as a punishment. There, he discovered the remains of Nobara's hand with the bitten fingernails and her friendship bracelet still on. This moment traumatized Ango severely and made it clear to him that the only way to get out of the camp alive was being chosen as one of the Team Summer A candidates.

Further information[]

Later on during the final test, Ango gave Nobara's friendship bracelet to Koruri and told the young woman about the death of her friend. Koruri got furious and decided to kill her teachers in retribution.

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