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More about Miho[]

Sugurono Miho


Miho is a tall, muscular woman with long, slightly curly hair and resembles Hana a lot. She usually dresses casually, or in a worker's overall.

Background and family[]

Unknown. All that we can say is that she's Hana's mother and Takashi's wife.


She is very warm-hearted and friendly, but has an iron-hard will and accepts that death may claim her someday when she's all alone.

Special Characteristics[]

(hobbies, strengths and weaknesses, special skills…)

Unknown. Miho used to supervise the shelter's supplies.


(before entering Ryugu Shelter)

Unknown. It seems like she met Takashi as a student and married him quite fast, resulting in Hana's birth.

Development throughout the story []

(starting with entering Ryugu Shelter)

Takashi, helplessly watching as Miho drowns

The first days in Ryugu Shelter nobody suspected anything. The people in charge had told the invited guest that they were going to attend the opening event of a new amusement park, so everyone just thought they had lucked out and enjoyed the unexpected 'vacation'.

But at the third day, the earth started to tremble continuously. As the unrest couldn't be suppressed any longer, the director of Ryugu Shelter, Oda Michitsuna, called everyone to the main hall where Kagami announced that Earth had been hit by several meteorites and the world as they knew it was gone forever. A panic broke out, but Maria's song managed to calm down the agitated people. Mark also did his best to cheer up the devastated people with his jokes. All of a sudden, it had become their task to keep up everyone's morales.

Soon, the inhabitants of Ryugu Shelter became quite used to their new lifestyle with except for a few youths who didn't believe in the meteorite impact story and wanted to drill their way out of the shelter in order to return to their families. They caused Section Winter's walls to break and water rushed in, threatening to submerge the entire shelter. Miho sacrificed her life in order to close the gates to the other sections, and drowned while Takashi had to watch her helplessly.

Further information[]

Hana later on found Miho's cross necklace which matched her own, and took it with her not knowing that it had been her mother's. Later on when she learned the truth, she decided to carry both crosses on her necklace as a last remainder to her mom.

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