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Team Autumn's past hasn't been revealed yet. All that we know is that Izayoi in some way "ran away" from his responsibilities because he fell into despair, forcing the rest of them to fend for themselves.

They lived for three years in the New World and eventually built up a self-supporting village mainly thanks to Akio and Ran who took over the group and forced everyone to work their quotas in order to keep the entire group alive and working.

Because of their grudge against the 7 Seeds organizators who forced them into this hopeless future, the two new leaders forbid everyone from having sex to rebel against their fate. They were determined to let Japan "go to ruins", so children weren't allowed to be born.

But life and love have their own ways, and Kurumi eventually got pregnant from Ryuusei. All agitated, the leaders went after them to kill Kurumi and her child. Izayoi for the first time stepped up, protected them and persuaded the two of them as well as Akane to escape from the village.

Then ash started to rain down from the sky and the village went to ruins. Searching for a new shelter, the rest of Team Autumn discovered the escapee's tracks and fought with them over a water source. Karita secretly helped out Kurumi with some supplies though, while Sakuya didn't care at all.

At this time they came across Team Spring and explored Ryugu Shelter in two divided groups. This almost led to them releasing the Acari X anew, which was fortunately prevented just in time.

After leaving the shelter, Izayoi got shot by Ango. Team Autumn reconciled and joined Hana's group, travelling to Team Spring's base only to find it in ruins.

Due to a series of events, they finally agreed to live together with Team Summer A and settled down in their camp.

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