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Spoilers Team Spring[]

Team Spring, excluding Hibari

The Spring group emerged from cryonic preservation a few months after Team Summer B near an island off the coast of the Kantō region of central Honshu, and travelled to Ogino Fuji in Kanagawa Prefecture, where they discovered a note from Natsu of Summer group B.

Later on, Hana also invited Aramaki Takahiro from Team Winter to join Team Spring.

Hana broke off from the rest of the group when she noticed she fell victim to the Redskin Disease because she didn't want to be seen in this bad state. Aramaki and Haru followed her and thanks to Aramaki's dogs, they eventually found out that salt cures the disease. Finding a sign of Arashi being in this world as well encouraged Hana to keep on going.

The group of three came across Team Autumn exploring Ryugu Shelter, and joined up with them afterwards. But when they returned to Team Spring's base, they found it buried by a landslide and all their friends gone. Following the dogs, they finally found Momotaro again, only to discover that he had been captured by Team Summer A. The threat of the White Piranha Bats and Kurumi's late stage of pregnancy however forced them to live together with Summer A, and they remained in their village even when Hana went missing again in an underground whirlpool.

Fortunately, Hana survived and reunited with Fujiko and Chisa who had successfully escaped the landslide but now were wandering around aimlessly. Together, they finally decided to accept living in the New World.

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