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Spoilers Team Summer A[]

Team summer A after selection exam

The candidates for Team Summer A all had no parents. They were created from carefully selected sperm and egg cells and raised in a secret facility on an unknown island in order to become "the perfect humans" qualified to give birth to the new generation of Japanese people after the meteorite annihilated all human life on earth.

They learned all sorts of survival skills and when everyone turned 13, they had to choose two Specialist Classes to receive more special knowledge in certain fields.

"Failures" or dropouts from this project were thought to have left the island to join the rest of society, however the truth is later revealed to Ango that all dropouts were killed and minced into fertiliser in order for the government to hide their tracks by disposing of the children they had created illegally.

The final test meant that only the 'Chosen Seven' were allowed to live. All other Summer A candidates were disposed of, which left heavy psychological scars to those who survived.

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