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Spoilers Team Winter[]

Team winter after emerging from their capsule

Three members of Team Winter died before the start of the series because of a malfunction in the thawing process.

The rest of them proceeded to move to the next Fuji supplies shelter, but during their voyage their guide Kumakawa was killed by a saber-toothed tiger while another team member named Mutsuki committed suicide by jumping off a cliff after having been mortally wounded by the same tiger.

Aramaki, Fubuki and Mitsuru were the only ones left now. They continued travelling towards the food shelter, but were attacked by the tiger again who this time killed Fubuki and wounded Aramaki. Mitsuru gave the feverish Aramaki her own clothes and froze to death because she couldn't get over Fubuki's death.

A female wolf Aramaki had been aiding earlier projected an illusion of Fubuki's body - or was used by Fubuki's ghost as an avatar - and protected Aramaki during the last part of his way. When they found the food shelter, the wolf died, leaving her puppies in Aramaki's care.

The next fifteen years, Aramaki lived all alone accompanied only by his dogs which he named after his deceased teammates. Finally, in the ruins of Tokyo he came across Arashi, Natsu and Semimaru but was rejected because of his "suspicious" appearance. Later on, he met Hana and was sort of adopted by Team Spring.

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