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Spring Begins (立春, Risshun) is the first episode in the 7 Seeds anime. It aired on June 28, 2019 on Netflix.

Along with three others, Natsu wakes up with no idea what's happened. The four of them reach an island and try to figure out a way to survive.

Plot Summary[]

Natsu Iwashimizu, a shy girl from Japan awakens during a storm in the middle of the ocean. She's taken aboard an inflatable boat with three others but no one recalls what happened to them. Together, they paddle the small boat to a nearby island where they introduce themselves. Along with Natsu, Arashi Aota, Seminaru Asai, and Botan Saotome also are stranded on the island.

The group looks for food and water to survive until while somewhere else on the island, another group touches down. This group includes survivors: Hana Sugurono, Mansaku Tsunomata, Fujiko Amacha, Haru Yukima, Momotaro Nobi, Chisa Taiami, Hibari Nigusa, and their leader, the arrogant and belligerent Dosei Yanagi.

The second group encounters large aggressive insects and decides to leave on the raft they constructed. However, they are caught in a storm and are shipwrecked back on the same island. Elsewhere, yet another group crash lands on this mysterious island.