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Takashi Sugurono (末黒野 貴士)[]


"Can you continue lying

until the very last moment

of the very end?"

- Takashi Sugurono -

Hana's father and the husband of Miho, and is also Kaname's upperclassman and friend. Takashi is shown to be a taciturn and serious person who takes care never to outwardly show his emotions.

He is considered to be one of the most notable well-intentioned extremists of the series, devoting his life entirely to the preservation of humanity in the interest of Japan, even if that involves the mass culling of humans (most significantly noted during the selection of Team Summer A and prolonging the survival of the remaining inhabitants of Ryugu Shelter).

Takashi is highly skilled in close range combat, particularly in martial arts and knife fighting techniques . It is for this reason that he serves as one of the Fire Class instructors, teaching close range combat to the candidates of Team Summer A. While Kaname's favourite was noted to be Ango, Takashi on the other hand appeared to be very fond of Ryo.

His hobbies are mountain climbing and wood carving.

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