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Team Summer A[]

Team Summer A and the institute children

The members of Team Summer A were specially chosen for the 7 Seeds Project by the Japanese government. This project originally involved approximately 100 genetically engineered children, conceived from carefully screened germ cells. As a result of this, none of the members of Team Summer A have a family name.

The children were all born in August and raised in an unknown mountain range in Japan. They were taught wilderness survival until they reached the age of 17. At that time, a final selection test was carried out to determine the seven children who would enter the team and be put under cryonic preservation.

Summer A candidates were trained under seven technology classes: water, fire, wind, earth, plant, animal, and medical. At age 13, they had to choose two classes to specialize in. In the final selection process, only one representative from each class was selected. 

They emerge from cryonic preservation in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of southern Kyūshū, a few months later than Team Spring, making them the last team to be awoken.


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