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Aramaki TakahiroEdit

Aramaki is a wolf, of course. Not a lone wolf, but a strong yet friendly, family-orientated animal protecting his pack from dangers with all his might and a good hunter. He's just no pet dog, he survived 15 years on his own.
About the argument of wolves being too wild to match Aramaki's character - remember that the prehistoric humans probably started the history of keeping "dogs" when they felt sorry for some orphaned wolf puppies and raised them. The very first dogs probably were still rather wild. Then humans found out how advantageous working with tamed wolves is and started selective breeding raising various kinds of dogs with specific characteristics according to their needs.

Humans Are The True Beasts

But the ancestor of every dog out there is still the wolf, after all. German Shepherds, Huskys, Coyotes and various other dogs' appearances still look quite close to the original. And 7 Seeds IS sort of set in an almost prehistoric world...
Let's Always Do Our Best Together!!

Aramaki is more like a dog, maybe a golden retriever, labrador retriever or a collie. Kind, loyal but fierce if need be, has a massive soft side though - trusting, friendly, unguarded and very un-wolf-like. Aramaki isn't wild at all. He's strong and protective when need be, but he's very docile, tame and pleasant more often than not, and he is in fact rather timid at times.
Wolves have a fierceness in them that just isn't present in Aramaki. Even when he's angry he knows how to control himself and he berates himself over the smallest burst of violence (when most people would hardly blame themselves for outbursts of anger under extreme circumstances). He's more akin to a dog than a wolf, still all the pack-like (family orientated) qualities of a wolf, but tamed, docile and domesticated.

Fubuki SamejimaEdit

Fubuki: brash and strong and forward. Up front and strong, but kind and soft-hearted. Pretty much fits the bear character.
Aramaki and Fubuki playing together
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Very fast, strong and agile.

Mitsuru KagurazakaEdit

Mitsuru ist just the incarnate of the crane. It especially fits her dance theme.
Lonesome Dance Of Farewell
Crane Snow Dance: Together Forever
Mitsuru x Young Aramaki
Drinking The Water Of Life
Dreaming Together

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