7 Seeds Wiki

What is so special about 7 Seeds?[]

‘7 Seeds’ outshines most stories of the same genre mainly due to its well-developed storyline which is logically built-up excellently.

It also brilliantly deals with many important questions about society and interpersonal relationships:

Peace memorial1.jpg
  • Is it really alright to sacrifice a certain number of people in order to save many others?
  • Do fatal experiences truly strenghten a human?
  • Is it better to basically trust humans or to be always wary towards foreigners?
  • What are laws worth in a world without court and jail?
  • How can mental wounds be healed?
  • How can you re-integrate criminals in the group while they have killed or hurt beloved humans?
  • Wishing for revenge may be understandable – but is it also the right thing to do?
  • And how can one keep up his humor and humanness despite all hardships thrown at him?

The characters were created in a very unique, complex and multilayered way.

In the beginning, there might have been some stereotypes, but in the course of the story they all slowly grow into deep going persons due to their many new experiences and the influence of their fellow men.

Many of them didn’t want to enter this world in the first place and now wonder what they are supposed to live for.

They suffer, despair of themselves and others, make mistakes and commit terrible deeds.

But they’re all in search of a way to make up for their mistakes and to become stronger internally, driven by the wish for a new life in the future, for a future for themselves.

7 Seeds’ makes the reader give a deep insight on himself and pose various questions:

  • Do I really ‘live’ my life?
  • How would I react as a human in this certain situation?
  • Knowing his reasons, can you truly condemn a criminal completely?
  • What is "humanity"?

In the beginning, the drawing style may take one some time getting used to.

But the further you read into the story, the more intriguing narrative style gets.

The complex characters are gripping the reader and just don’t let go of him anymore!

In fact, Tamura-sensei’s drawing style sustains the storyline enormously. Because dirt, illness and other unaesthetic things aren’t being retouched, the tale of ‘7 Seeds’ gains a much stronger intensity.

Smooth transitions and diffuse outlines symbolize blurring boundary lines between the human psyche and society.

Drawing style bonds with story, characters and dialogues seamlessly and creates an enthralling, monolithic story inevitably fascinating its readers!